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The freedom to travel where we choose and enjoy the full range of activities available has long been taken for granted. There is a duty of care for all customers and staff to keep them safe whilst not detracting from the experience. As the sector becomes increasingly competitive, the need to manage costs and maximise revenues becomes more important than ever. A correctly selected and deployed intelligent video management system can be an invaluable tool to assist in achieving all of these objectives.

The freedom to travel where we choose and to enjoy the full range of activities available is usually taken for granted. For those that organise such activities, there is a duty of care to keep the customers and staff safe whilst not detracting from the overall experience. This is heightened now, more than ever, as restrictions relax following the Covid-19 outbreak. A well-designed video management system can play a vital role in keeping customers and staff safe, and assets protected.

Taking part in a leisure activity often requires personal property to be left in a vehicle or in a locker at a sports centre and these are often a target for theft. Professional organisations recognise these issues and install security systems that not only monitor and detect but provide an alert to discourage those unscrupulous individuals. For this to be effective, the video management system must be simple to use, even for personnel who may use the equipment infrequently. It must permit the rapid searching of perhaps many hundreds of cameras and to export in authenticatable form with minimal training, complication or stress.

Being able to integrate with any number of other systems such as access control, facial-recognition, people counting and distancing software solutions, ensures that the video management system is ready for any new technologies down the line as operational changes develop.

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