In today’s retail landscape, the challenge of ensuring security and loss prevention has become increasingly complex. Retailers are contending with traditional threats and adapting to rapidly evolving consumer behaviour.

Retail analytics emerges as an innovative tool that not only protects, but enhances the retail experience. By harnessing the power of data and analytics, retailers can create a secure environment that is resilient against threats and enables business growth and customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Security, Efficiency & Customer Experience

Wavestore’s Video Management System (VMS) offers a multi-faceted approach to security, operational efficiency, and customer engagement. Here, we explore the key benefits that retail analytics brings to the table, each playing a pivotal role in redefining the retail experience for businesses and consumers.

Theft and Fraud Detection

Integrating advanced surveillance with analytics to reduce shoplifting, internal theft, and detect unusual transaction patterns.

Operational Insights

Gaining real-time data for inventory management, staff allocation, and streamlining store operations.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Leveraging customer behaviour insights for personalised marketing and an improved shopping journey.

Staff Safeguarding & Protection

Utilising analytics to detect aggressive behaviour and prevent accidents like slips, trips, and falls, ensuring a safe environment for staff and customers.

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Transformative Insights: Navigating Retail Excellence with Wavestore Analytics

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The Role of Integrated Video Analytics


High Foot Traffic Management

Retail spaces, especially during peak hours or special events, face the challenge of effectively managing high foot traffic. This situation poses security risks and can impact the shopping experience.

Diverse Theft Tactics

Retailers often confront a variety of theft tactics, ranging from shoplifting to sophisticated organized retail crimes

Balancing Security and Customer Privacy

In the age of data protection, retailers must ensure robust security without compromising customer privacy.

Capturing Unseen Data Insights

Traditional security systems may overlook valuable data that can drive merchandising and marketing strategies.


Streamlined Traffic Flow Management

Video analytics can intelligently monitor and direct foot traffic, enhancing safety and customer experience by preventing overcrowding and streamlining movement within the store.

Advanced Theft Prevention Strategies

Utilising real-time behaviour analysis and pattern recognition, video analytics can swiftly identify and alert staff to potential theft, enabling proactive actions.

Privacy-First Security Solutions

Focusing on behaviour patterns, retailers can maintain high security standards while upholding customer privacy, ensuring a trusted shopping environment.

Unveiling Hidden Business Insights

Reveal unseen patterns such as high dwell areas and customer flow, providing crucial insights for merchandisers. Leverage data to sell premium display areas and enhance revenue generation strategies.

The vast scope of the retail environment, including shops, malls, parking, stairwells, and aisles make it a challenging application for surveillance systems. A customisable, open-platform and integrated video management solution provides both flexibility and a diverse range of tracking and data capabilities.

With people moving in all directions, items removed at high and low levels and transactions happening at tills, there is scope for abuse by individuals or organised groups. Being able to store weeks or months of high-quality video data can be incredibly beneficial when trying to investigate shrinkage, fraud and other losses, all of which is vital where retail margins are constantly under pressure. Further to this, intelligent integration of the video management system with advanced technologies, such as facial recognition and behavioural analytics, can be applied to proactively prevent losses as well as improve convictions, admissions of guilt and civil claim successes.

There is typically a large amount of valuable stock around front or back of house service areas. These do need to be protected during opening hours but, perhaps more importantly, when stores and malls are not occupied during dark hours. Here, integration with intruder alarms and access control systems provide multiple levels of detection and reference points to search critical data.

Additionally, retail companies have a duty of care to the public, requiring them to provide a safe and secure environment for all. Using analytic detection systems to identify if someone collapses, slips on a wet floor or is hit by passing trollies becomes an important factor in a security system.

A robust video management platform at the centre of the surveillance solution provides effective video recording playback and exporting with intelligent search tools to deliver exactly the right information, quickly and simply. This can also deliver remote monitoring centrally from head or regional offices, even permitting emergency service access when appropriate in critical situations.

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