Critical  Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure, in its many forms, demand the ultimate in security, reliability and robustness of its recording and monitoring provision. A system that can provide multiple layers of redundancy to ensure that it is always on and always accessible but protected to the highest level from unauthorised access is essential to protect those assets that we all depend upon.

Any infrastructure asset deemed to be critical must have appropriate security measures put in place to safeguard its operation. The chosen solution must be totally secure, exceptionally reliable, and intuitive to use.

Effective video management can play an invaluable role in providing accurate situational awareness and visual confirmation of any threat or status on the ground. It is likely that there will be many cameras as a part of this surveillance system, which could all have long video retention times. Intelligent search tools therefore need to be able to efficiently find the exact information required during post-event investigations.

As budget considerations are ever-present, along with critical assets evolving over time, it is important to have a video management platform with the ability to integrate with a wide range of third-party technologies. This should include full compatibility with the most up-to-date components, as well as supporting legacy equipment. Integrations could include process monitoring systems such as SCADA or simple input/output drivers.

With many different forms of threat and risk, including cyber or physical attacks, natural phenomena, and human or equipment failure, a security solution must be highly robust and resilient. This is achieved by designing systems with their own security and fault-tolerance in mind from the outset, with full standards compliance and long-term support for both hardware and software.

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