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Solutions for a world we can't yet see

Unlock the full potential of your security solution

Wavestore has been entrusted to be at the very heart of electronic security solutions all around the world, protecting people, properties and assets across multiple industries.

Supporting you every step of the way

Our highly secure open-platform Video Management Software enables you to manage video from any type of camera from any leading brand including the latest 4K, 360° and multi-sensor formats, mixing live and recorded views on the same screen at the same time, to provide enhanced situational awareness.

For organisations that require a comprehensive security solution, Wavestore can unlock the full potential of integration by supporting and interacting with your preferred access control, intelligent video analytics, intruder and perimeter detection technologies, to name but a few.

We make complex integrations simple

Designed with the user in mind, Wavestore is easy to operate and by combining video, audio and metadata, we empower operators to rapidly respond to incidents as they happen.

More than that, Wavestore can use all of this data during post-event investigation, intelligently and effortlessly, to rapidly provide the vital video evidence to answer those important questions: Who? What? When and how?

Solutions for a world we can't yet see

Innovation is at the core of what we do. Our VMS is equipped with a vast number of innovative capabilities, many of which are unique to Wavestore, and which deliver real-world benefits to our customers.

These include LASS, our own powerful file system that never corrupts, enables the fastest scroll-bar search available and EcoStore™ which can save you over 80% on your storage energy requirements by intelligently spinning down hard drive arrays that are not being written to or read from.

Whether you are looking for a highly-integrated Enterprise security solution….

or a video-only system with a limited number of cameras, our goal is to make sure you can deploy best-in-breed solutions which match your exact requirements today, but with the ability to expand your system and take advantage of any new technology innovations when they become available.

With Wavestore, you will never waste your initial investment.

As well as benefiting from our own feature developments, you will also be able to add new technology to our platform as soon as it becomes available or when you wish to use it.
Peace of mind comes from knowing your Wavestore VMS solution is futureproof and that alongside our mainstream integrations, we are also able to satisfy customers with bespoke project requirements.


One of Wavestore’s key attributes is its simple architecture. This delivers substantial hardware cost savings for both server and storage requirements. We offer technical support and flexible packages for keeping your Wavestore VMS software up to date, putting you firmly in control of your budget.

Global reach, local support

Wavestore has teams across North America, Europe and the Middle East to support customers locally.