Security systems in Government establishments need to ensure the safety and well-being for all; VIPs, staff, contractors and members of the public. Many assets, highly sensitive or confidential data among them, must also be protected from the widest range of threats, both natural and man-made. This requires an effective integrated solution, with video survellance that is robust and ultra-secure, but simple and intuitive in day-to-day use.

Central and local governments hold highly secure and sensitive information, as well as large amounts of personal data. Having a suitably secure and well-maintained security system is of critical importance.

The ability to secure this confidential data whilst maintaining the ability to review situational evidence on-the-fly is of primary concern to such facilities. In addition to the obvious risks around data, of equal importance is a potential security breach by any person or group of people with malicious intent. This will usually present as either a physical or cyber breach and require systems to be secured, areas to be locked down and anyone on-site to be safeguarded. This can only be managed effectively with the use of complimentary technology in the form of an integrated security solution with a video management system at its centre.

Another very important consideration is the well-being of officials, staff and members of the public, both in and around government facilities. All areas must always remain secure and safe, with the ability to proactively detect risk, track suspicious movement and mitigate against hostile intruders. Supplementary technology such as facial recognition, ANPR and behavioural analytics, including loitering or contraflow detection, can all aid in these environments when they are effectively integrated into a video management system.

Integrity of the chosen systems and the data they hold, which includes the video information stored, must enable the relevant parties to adhere to all applicable data privacy guidelines for security of personal data. Selecting a video management solution with security at its core is paramount to protecting against any wrongdoing.

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