In the critical sphere of government security, safeguarding locations and ensuring the well-being of employees and the public are paramount. And, with the challenge of public entities being forced to deliver more with fewer resources and tighter budgets, authorities are looking to innovate.

Wavestore’s Video Management System (VMS) offers an advanced suite of analytics, encryption, and integration capabilities, designed to meet the complex requirements of government facilities & operations.

Government Security with Precision and Compliance

By harnessing analytics for threat detection, ensuring data integrity, and enabling efficient management of vast estates, Wavestore sets new standards for safety, compliance, and operational efficiency in the government sector.

Safe and Secure Locations

Utilizes analytics to monitor aggressive behavior, loitering, and unauthorized access, ensuring comprehensive protection of sensitive areas.

Duty of Care

Enhances public and employee safety with slip, trip, and fall detection, and uses facial recognition to identify known offenders, bolstering security protocols.

Evidential Integrity and Compliance

Guarantees the security and privacy of data with 4096-bit encryption, GDPR compliance, lip-synced audio, and video watermarking, enhancing legal and regulatory adherence.

Scalable Estate Management

Offers solutions like Wavestore’s HealthMonitor and Data Reporter, alongside seamless integration with access control and alarm systems, for effective management of widespread facilities.

Addressing Government Sector Challenges


Maintaining Safe and Secure Environments

The necessity to proactively detect and mitigate security threats within government locations is a constant challenge.

Upholding Duty of Care

Governments have a responsibility to ensure the safety of employees and the public within their facilities.

Ensuring Evidential Integrity and Regulatory Compliance

The integrity of surveillance data and adherence to stringent legal standards are critical for government operations.

Efficiently Managing Large and Dispersed Estates

Overseeing security across extensive government estates presents logistical and operational challenges.


Advanced Analytics for Proactive Security

Wavestore’s analytics provide early detection of potential threats, enabling rapid response to secure locations and protect individuals.

Comprehensive Safety Measures

Through detailed analytics and facial recognition, Wavestore’s VMS acts as a vigilant guardian, enhancing the duty of care to all facility users.

Unparalleled Data Protection and Smart Search

With robust encryption and compliance features, alongside efficient search functionalities, Wavestore’s VMS ensures that data is both secure and actionable.

Scalable and Integrated Security

The scalability of Wavestore’s solutions, complemented by Health Monitor and Data Reporter, facilitates the efficient oversight of large-scale systems, ensuring seamless security coordination.

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