These are physically dynamic environments where health and safety issues and the possibility of trafficking both humans and contraband add to the normal security and protection requirements of passengers, staff and potentially high-value goods in transit. Rigorous validation of potentially large numbers of first-time visiting personnel and vehicles must be achieved with a minimum of friction and delay. All of these can be facilitated by a powerful, well-integrated but easy-to-use video surveillance solution.

Most international trade relies on goods being transferred through ports which operate under both competitive and commercial pressures. Efficient handling, completion of security checks and timely transfers are fundamental requirements when managing these processes.

A robust video management system will enable organisations to monitor multiple activities simultaneously, by one or more remote operators. Security and process interference can be a huge cost to port facilities, and so real deterrents, effective management and early warnings are critical to their success.

Having a well-designed and fully integrated surveillance and security system can provide early detection and alerting of potential issues to assigned personnel. This can be achieved whilst maintaining efficient flow through non-affected areas.

Enhanced security features such as asset tagging, facial recognition, behavioural analytics, hostile vehicle management and even logistics or traffic management systems, can be integrated to provide situational awareness and avoid backlogs. Being able to tag multiple systems for related evidence provides efficient and effective retrospective analysis, system-enhancement, and issue-resolution.

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