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Hospitals and other healthcare environments have very particular safety and security challenges to address. There are large footfalls of individuals, not all of which will have benign intentions, during the day; with extensive quiet or exposed areas to monitor to keep staff, patients and legitimate visitors safe and valuable assets and attractive materials protected at night. Effective integration of Video Management with intrusion detection and access control is key in meeting these challenges.

Day to day activities by hospital staff, patients, paramedics, visitors, ministers, and police all contribute to a dynamic environment, which from the outside can seem chaotic. How do you keep everyone and everything protected and safe, when staff resources can often be limited, particularly in security functions?

Having a well-integrated security platform enables even a relatively small team to respond accurately and swiftly to incidents as they happen, as well as perform effective post-event analysis. Bringing together conventional security technologies, such as access control and intrusion detection, along with the latest intelligent tools, such as ANPR/LPR and facial recognition, with robust video recording provides a complete security system fit for any situation.

Protecting, storing and having access to data collected from security systems, no matter how far in the past and how infrequently it is viewed, is paramount to a resilient and usable solution. With automatic health checking of the system and notifications sent to maintenance personnel or contractors, you can be sure that both the system and the data are safe and secure without having to manually check. Larger systems can also benefit from additional layers of fault-tolerance including redundant recording and failover; recording onto a spare server should a hardware fault occur.

These days, particularly with regard to healthcare, it is absolutely vital that personal data is held securely. The video recording platform must maintain this level of security, with robust password policy enforcement, data encryption, in-built firewall and many more cyber-security features automatically configured as standard.

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