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We at Wavestore fully understand that reliable, robust and verifiable recording of video images, together with associated, accurately lip-syncronised, audio recordings are absolute prerequisites in law-enforcement and custodial applications. These capabilities must be coupled with easy to use and flexible viewing and uncomplicated exporting facilities.

Video surveillance and recording applications that process interactions and conduct between police officers and those alleged to be involved in crimes, require heightened levels of procedural compliance. Whether it is the exchanges that occur at the charge desk, or the safety of those who are being held in custody, the security system that monitors such areas needs to be entirely dependable.

There is a total reliance on the video management system to accurately capture and faithfully retain video and lip-synchronised audio for extended periods of time. This data therefore needs to be stored both securely and smartly to enable easy playback, searching and exporting of video and audio. With court cases depending on accurate and high quality evidence, video and audio data needs to be readily available to download, in the required format and prepared in accordance with the guidance for digital data presentation.

It is also vitally important for the police force responsible to know that the integrity of the surveillance technology is robust and cannot be accessed or altered by anyone intent on adversely affecting the course of justice.

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