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Apartment building secured using Wavestore’s robust and scalable Video Management System

With apartment complexes having the responsibility of keeping all residents and staff safe and properties secure, there is a requirement for scalable and adaptive total security systems. At the core of such solutions, having a robust and open-platform Video Management System ensures the solution effectively stores, manages, and retrieves video data, as well as integrating into a variety of third-party technologies, such as access control and intruder alarms.


Luxury apartment and leisure areas need security solutions which can effectively manage the safety of staff, residents and their property. With large complexes comprising of tens to hundreds of units, the ability to view live video streams from one location is paramount. Analysing and searching through video data for post-event interrogation needs to be fast and efficient, with search terms selectable to determine clips of interest and an intuitive screen to perform those tasks on.


Hundreds, or even thousands, of cameras can be installed on sites and managed through Wavestore’s Linux-based video management system. This enables operators to have total control over video streams, alarms, event alerts and multiscreen searching, all from one screen. Video walls can be utilised to give operators a complete view of current situations, whilst allowing multiple video wall controllers to be combined and operated from a single browser session; able to be displayed on an unlimited number of monitors.

Command and control capabilities can be further enhanced by operators being able to capitalise on Wavestore’s events and metadata engine to carry out lightning-fast searches to review events recorded video on their WaveView client alongside real-time images and related data on the live video wall. Finally, event rules can be configured to trigger alarms, for example when an attempted break in takes place, and are able to trigger associated third-party devices, such as intruder alarms or sending instant alerts to security.


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