Video Analytics

Integrated technology

Improve operational efficiency, pro-actively alert operators to potential problems and have greater overall situational awareness.

Wavestore adds value to your video surveillance system by enabling you to take advantage of a wide range of third-party video analytics. Our open platform VMS supports and interacts with a wide range of analytics incorporated into cameras from leading manufactures and with stand-alone, server-based analytics solutions from independent software developers.

In addition to providing your security personnel with a powerful event driven tool to help them react quickly to any incident, video analytics will also provide the opportunity for you to improve operational efficiency and make best use of human resources. If you are a retailer, for example, video analytics will assist you with queue management, footfall analysis and provide you with a greater understanding of customer behaviour.

Video analytics technology is developing constantly and Wavestore’s philosophy is to ensure integration with the specific analytics that our Partners wish to use.

What Is Possible

People counting provides highly valuable data to allow businesses to become more efficient, increase sales or just simply make their premises a safe place to visit or work in.
Wavestore is integrated with a host of on-board camera analytics, as well as stand-alone server-based analytics solutions.
Facial recognition software can dynamically compare images of individuals from incoming video streams against specific databases. Receive immediate alerts when a positive match occurs or use the data for post-event forensic analysis.
Complete analytic packages provide multiple functions, suitable for a host of purposes across a site.

Integrated Modules

Integrated Video Analytics Partners Include

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We are constantly adding integrations to our platform, please contact us with your requirement.