System Health Monitoring

Integrated technology

Peace of mind comes with knowing your video surveillance system is 100% operational.

When video surveillance systems are deployed for high security or mission critical applications, or to ensure compliance with health & safety policies, it is essential that security personnel are immediately aware if any part of the system is not fully operational.

Cameras and recording devices are highly reliable nowadays, but no manufacturer can 100% guarantee against the possibility of hardware failure or disruption to the network. Peace of mind comes with knowing that you can remotely monitor all the components of an integrated video surveillance system so that any faults or breaks in transmission of video and data can be quickly identified.

In addition to offering remote system diagnostics and health monitoring of the servers on which Wavestore is running, we have integrated our VMS with market leading device detection and performance monitoring software to ensure operators via an on-screen dashboard are quickly alerted if there are any video loss issues.

What Is Possible

Reports include the connection and recording status of cameras and if they have been moved or tampered with
Display a granular overview of the status of cameras and sensors on an easy to understand on-screen dashboard
Instantaneously create alerts if there are video loss events or network connection to the Wavestore VMS, or if a recording device needs to be rebooted
Camera, recording and network status information is pulled directly through SNMP as standard. This reduces the number of sensors required and significantly reduces CPU requirements when compared to traditional WMI sources

Integrated Modules

Integrated Health Monitoring Partners Include

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