Integrated technology

Add video to your SCADA system to be in total control of your VMS.

Integrating video with a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system significantly enhances the ability to effectively monitor building management services and systems. Being able to visually verify data and alerts generated by, for example, plant, machinery, temperature gauges and elevators, provides facility managers with far greater situational awareness and control.

Wavestore’s integration with SCADA systems enables operators to be fully aware of the status of any equipment or processes essential to ensuring the smooth running and efficient management of a wide range of environments, including office buildings, retailers, airports, gas and oil facilities and utilities.

What Is Possible

Take advantage of Wavestore’s ability to integrate with a host of on-board camera and server-based video analytics to improve operational efficiency
Instantaneously visually verify alerts when, for example, the temperature of plant and machinery is above the norm
Link user-definable cause & effect actions triggered by other systems, to move a PTZ camera and zoom in to see close up detail of what may be occurring
Easily and quickly search for any events which match set criteria
Stitch together video from time-synchronised events using Wavestore’s 3-click evidential export function

Integrated Modules

Integrated modules coming soon.
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