Radar, PIDs and Sensors

Integrated technology

Respond more effectively to security events by integrating video with PIDs, sensors and radar technology.

Integrating a video surveillance system with alarm sensors and Perimeter Intruder Detection (PIDs) devices ensures end-users are able to achieve maximum benefit from their security solution. In addition to visually verifying what may be occurring and eliminating false alarms, the images captured by cameras enable operators to quickly decide on the most appropriate action, such as directing security personnel to where the suspicious activity is taking place, or reporting the incident to the police.

The ability of Wavestore’s open platform VMS to seamless integrate with a wide range of PIDs, sensors and radar technology based devices, and associating cameras or PTZ presents to detection zones, makes it possible to create a best-in-breed total security solution which will meet even the most exacting requirements whether you are using radar, fibre optic ground or fence based PIDs, PIR sensors or intelligent PIR detectors.

What Is Possible

Immediately display both pre and post event data and images onto a control room operator’s monitor or onto an integrated video wall
Unlock the potential of a comprehensive integrated security solution that includes video, PIDs, alarm sensors and RADAR, as well as video analytics.
Associate cameras with specific zones so that operators can instantly visually verify any alarm events
Link user-definable cause & effect actions triggered by sensors to move a PTZ camera and zoom in to see close up detail of what may be occurring
Display images captured by PTZ cameras side-by-side with the mapped radar images, together with information such as the GPS position, size and speed of the object.
Easily search for events detected or triggered by other systems and instantly view the related video. Use Wavestore’s 3-click export function to back-up evidence captured by associated cameras.

Integrated Modules

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