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Integrated technology

Identify fraudulent activity, detect sweethearting and create a powerful deterrent.

Visually verifying the use of stolen credit cards and the misuse of discounts and refunds, as well as detecting ‘sweethearting’ collusion between staff and employees, are just a few reasons why many retailers place video surveillance cameras at their till points.

When integrated with an EPOS system, Wavestore’s VMS provides store managers with a powerful tool to efficiently identify anyone involved in fraudulent activity. Working with any ONVIF-S conformant camera, Wavestore captures and records transaction text that can be overlaid onto video, or made visible on a separate viewing pane.

Wavestore’s Events & Metadata Engine also adds further intelligence to metadata being received. In addition to facilitating retrieval of recorded incidents via a wide range of search options, it can be configured to generate pro-active alerts if an EPOS records a transaction above a certain value or there is a refund event as well as provide powerful post-event search capability where associated video of any text-based input can be found in seconds.

The list of cause & effect actions that can be configured is virtually unlimited, which is why Wavestore equally adds real value when it is integrated with Cash Counting machines and ATMs.

What Is Possible

Associate overview cameras with specific EPoS or text devices, adding the power of video for evidence and situational awareness
Wavestore integrates with virtually any text-based input across till systems, ATM, cash-counting and more
Pro-actively alert on specific instances, such as any time there is a refund, or a certain amount of money is withdrawn
Use Wavestore’s intelligent post-event search to search for specific transactions or those that fit between, below or above a set variable; such as all transactions over $50, or all withdrawals between $200 and $250
Easily and quickly search for any events which match set criteria, such as product names or codes, price, time of day and member of staff
Wavestore can integrate custom text capture devices quickly and cost-effectively.

Integrated Modules

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