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Integrated technology

Add the power of video to your Access Control events with real-time cause & effect or post-event interrogation for specific actions and identification of people.

Simple interaction between access control and video surveillance systems has been possible for some time. However, with Wavestore VMS able to quickly process large amounts of metadata, we can provide operators with a much more powerful tool to instantly display detailed information on who, when and where staff and visitors have entered or moved around a building.

A virtual spot monitor can be set up to display via the Wavestore Graphical User Interface (GUI) video captured by cameras associated with the door where an event is occurring. Colour coded text is generated to enable operators to more quickly identify the type of event, e.g. green for access granted and red when access is denied, whilst the operator also has instant access to data such as the name, job title, ID number and image of the person attempting to gain access.

What Is Possible

Set Wavestore cause and effect events to any access control action, such as display a specific camera when ‘door forced’, or an audio alert when ‘access denied’
Associate cameras with specific doors, adding vision verification to access control events
Search by credentials and display video events associated with that person across your estate
Set up a ‘virtual spot monitor’ to automatically view selected events as they occur
Open doors remotely via Wavestore’s WaveView client software
Integrate with various Access Control systems on the same platform

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